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This site, created by fellow R-Vision™ owners, is for the Owners (and Potential Owners)
and Dealers of R-Vision™ RVs (Trail Bay, Trail Lite, etc).
It is meant as a forum for the sharing of ideas and experiences.
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R-Vision Camping Club FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> General & Site Access

·  Why did you create this site?
·  I'm a Visitor, can't I read the forums?
·  I've been away for a while and I can't Login
·  I'm a member but I can't access the forums anymore.

·  Why did you create this site?

This site was created to provide a free and accessible site for R-Vision owners to exchange ideas. After trying some of the other sites out there and being bombarded with Click-Through ads and hard to navigate forums, we decided it was time to provide an easy and friendly environment.

Also, I kept reading numerous posts on RV.NET about owners and even potential owners who were frustrated by the lack of information from the manufacturer regarding the products. I felt that if we got a big enough site with a substantial user/owner base and maybe even the participation of some dealers, maybe R-Vision itself might start listening to what we had to say.

So, I contacted another R-Vision owner I had previously corresponded with on RV.NET and proposed this idea. We brainstormed domain names and content ideas and voila, this site was born...

It also provides a place for members to share their camping experiences (through Journal entries - ie. trip reports, etc) and photo galleries as well.

It's our goal to make this site as friendly and open as possible. We will try not to control or limit an open dialog on here. Although we can't guarantee that there won't ever be advertising on here, we can tell you that under no circumstances will the advertising be intrusive or detract from your experience on here.

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·  I'm a Visitor, can't I read the forums?

Unfortunately, in order to protect our member's information, such as email addresses and IM ID's, we need to restrict access to the forums to registered members only since even guest access allows access to a member's profile. Although most members hide their email address in their profiles, some members don't and we felt it was a necessary step to protect their privacy. Most other areas not tied to member profiles is available for viewing...

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·  I've been away for a while and I can't Login

There are two potential issues that can occur:

1) You have updated Windows (especially XP) and it's changed the security settings for cookies preventing the system to setting the cookie to indicate that you are logged in. Just reset those parameters and you should be able to get in.

2) You haven't logged in in over 5 months. The system constantly 'prunes' the system for inactive accounts. Normally, you will receive an email to the registered email address after 90 days of inactivity to gently remind you to come back. If you don't login during the 30 days after this reminder, you are sent a warning message that your account will be deleted. After another 30 days, if you haven't logged in, your account is automatically removed.

NOTE: If a warning message is returned as undeliverable, the system deletes the account immediately. Remember to always keep your email address current. However, if you are able to login but can't access the forum, then we have retained your account but it's frozen until the email address is corrected. Use the Feedback function to send the admin a message after you have reset your email address and the forum will be re-activated.

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·  I'm a member but I can't access the forums anymore.

This could be for a couple reasons.

1) You changed your email address... There is a bug in the software that for some reason won't re-activate the forum section after you complete the email address change process. Just send a Feedback message including your member name and access will be restored.

2) Attempts to send messages to your Email address on file come back as 'undeliverable'. After 72 hours, the system will automatically block access to the forums. You will need to send a Feedback message containing your site Username as well as a functioning email address. The Site administrator will update your account's email address and re-enable your account.

3) You violated one of the Site Policies including the Ownership of an R-Vision product requirement. This was CLEARLY pointed out during the registration process. This is a vendor centric club/website/forum and as such, we manage our membership role carefully otherwise we become just another online RV site...

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R-Vision™ is the registered trademark of R-Vision Recreational Vehicles.
All other logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner.
The comments and opinions are property of their posters.
This site is NOT affiliated with R-Vision™ Recreational Vehicle Corporation in any form
and is provided solely for the exchange of information.

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